Air Jordan XX8 obama appeared defensive at the

200million in aid to Jordan to help with the worries caused by thousands of Syrian refugees

Will be giving jordan $200million in aide as they pace a massive refugee crisis appear ongoing civil war in neighboring syria.Ally at the center east.

'The strains of so many refugees unsurprisingly is showing, ' Mr the president said, Praising the for their continued open door policy to the men, Women and kids who are being attacked by Syria's President Assad.

'That's what happens when you have a leader who is more aware of grasping onto power than holding their country together, ' president barak said of Assad, Going on to reassert that he has lost all jordans for sale credibility because of the violence in the state.

Obama also will seek to bolster jordan's efforts to reform its government so that they can stave off an arab spring style revolution that has led to the downfall of longtime leaders in egypt, tunisia and even libya.

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At one point within press conference, mr Air Jordan XX8 obama appeared defensive at the suggestion that his obama administration is not doing enough to put an end to the continued slaughtering of innocent people in syria.

'It's fair to say that the u.S often finds itself in a situation where if it goes in militarily, it's belittled for going in militarily, and if it shouldn't go in militarily it's criticized for not going in militarily, ' he was quoted saying.

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Again he desperate his anxiety over

The a possibility use of chemical weapons by the assad regime, as had been

Unconfirmed reports of a scud missile being fired by state and federal regime forces

Earlier now.

During his press meetings in

Israel, obama already said that the usage of such weapons would be 'a game

Changer' and he reiterated that it becomes a tipping point.

'Once you let that event spin out

Of master, it's very difficult to stop and can have enormous spill over

Effects all over the region, ' he explained.

The financial and federal strain that jordan is under click here to see more info about jordans shoes due to the influx of refugees isn't going to lessen anytime soon.

'Jordan always has been a safe haven.Unfortunately from there of view, refugees continues to come to jordan, ' king abdullah ii said in the press seminar.

Obama found its way to jordan on friday evening, the final stop on a four day visit to the center east that included his first stop in israel as president.

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